The Glycomic MS Database and Repository

Why did we initiate the UniCarb-DB Glycomic MS Database and Repository?

In the endeavour to make glycomics a part of mainstream life science research, we believe that it is important to assemble glycan structure databases together with the experimental attributes this data has generated. Mass spectrometry has become the key technology for characterising the complex glycome. The association of known glycan structures with individual MS fragmentation data provides reference points for the entire community and beyond. This allows the current version of UniCarb-DB to grow while an increasing research community contributes to its expansion. Eventually, this database will allow us to help deciphering the human glycome and understand how it relates and interacts with other molecules of life. This was the inspiration of a small number of dedicated researchers who launched this UniCarb-DB initiative and have gradually drawn more groups into their wake.

If you think that this is a useful resource, have ideas of how it can be improved or want to contribute with data, please contact the people listed on the contact page. We are always looking for constructive partners that can help this initiative and support its longevity.


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