UniCarb-DB Reference Collection

Title Year Authors Journal Pubmed
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O-linked Glycome & Proteome of High Molecular Mass Proteins in Human Ovarian Cancer Ascites: Identification of Sulfation, Disialic Acid and O-linked Fucose 2012 Karlsson NG, McGuckin MA Glycobiology 22422444
Presence of terminal N-acetylgalactosamineBeta1-4N-acetylglucosamine residues on O-linked oligosaccharides from gastric MUC5AC: involvement in Helicobacter pylori colonization? 2012 Kenny DT, Skoog EC, Linden SK, Struwe WB, Rudd PM, Karlsson NG Glycobiology 22543025
Detailed O-glycomics of the Muc2 mucin from colon of wild-type, core 1- and core 3-transferase-deficient mice highlights differences compared with human MUC2 2012 Thomsson KA, Holmen-Larsson JM, Angstrom J, Johansson ME, Xia L, Hansson GC Glycobiology 22581805